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I'm Panayiota.


Graphic designer interested in all aspects of creative and innovative thinking in the development field. Through my work, I aim to communicate social, political, and environmental topics, through sustainable solutions and actions in working towards a better future. I consider myself a visual storyteller that produces advocative art to inform, educate, and raise awareness in order to start a dialogue. Therefore, as a creative, I locate my practice more on the contextual and strategic side of the developing world centred around engagement, technical evolution and communication.


As a creative, I have experience in social media management, communications, publishing, branding and game development. I’m experienced in using the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office and WordPress, Microsoft Office, MailChimp and Link tree as well as coming up with new promotional ideas and creative solutions. Moreover, I can produce and design effective and engaging content for digital and print. Furthermore, good technical skills I have is photography, and video making. I'm currently expanding my knowledge in strategic design and research as I also developed a strong interest in the efficacy of innovative thinking and the interaction and influence of our surroundings. My approach in projects is always human centred which is why it is based on research, generating ideas, developing, strategically design concepts and ideas. Up until now, and for sociopolitical and environmental topics, I produced work in many different forms, like publications, campaigns, editorials, games, conceptual ideas, apps and services. 


Strongly committed to team-building and staff development

Planning, goal setting

Delegating tasks and responsibilities 

Confident and articulate

Organizational skills and time management


Adobe Creative Suite

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Animate, After Effects

Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Mailchip, Linktree


Greek, English, Spanish


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