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RSA Animation

Leeds Beckett University 2021


Through the visualisation of this important issue of taking action in solving the climate crisis, the aspect that most resonated with me is the strong need to engage and help in any way I can to make an impactful change. This is a constant struggle of mine which almost always, either due to lack of resources or unrealistic limitations I put on myself, leads to despair rather than inner satisfaction.

Throughout this publication, you’ll be taken on a beautiful journey that narrates the history of this important town from ancient times up until now that is still taken advantage of.

 When thinking of the environment, this urge to get involved, alongside the frustration of not knowing how, or doubting myself cause it feels like I am not doing enough, can also be found in many people. In the process of investigating how people perceive the climate issue, I found that the ones more sensitised on the matter are the youth. However, this sensitivity and worry come with a fair amount of drawbacks like the one I’m experiencing, which is identified as climate anxiety. 

 My final proposal unfolds this concept of climate anxiety, through the attempt of a character to surpass his thoughts, worries and frustrations and start the action. Moreover, this animation is centred around the metaphorical idea that climate change’s pile of issues are not problems that can easily be erased or disappeared. 

As easy and ideal as that would be, the truth is that it needs a lot of work, clear minds and dedication if we don’t want to see our planet completely destroyed in the next couple of years. All those aspects of thinking and principles are showcased through the animated film. 

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